What is Bitcoin XBT?

Bitcoin XBT is the new and upgraded version of Bitcoin. Transactions with Bitcoin XBT are instant and free. Bitcoin XBT is fully backed up 1 to 1 by Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin XBT is deployed on Bankor´s Multichain which is a revolutionary blockchain technology for global light-speed transactions. It has the highest capacity of any existing technology (150,000 Transactions per Second; compared to Ethereum’s 1,500 TPS or Visa’s 24,000 TPS). Bitcoin XBT is the solution for ultra-fast, high capacity, and secure cross-border transactions free of charge.

Supply: 21,000,000


Non Circulating: 21,000,000

Bitcoin BXT=1 BTC

Why is Bitcoin XBT Unique?

Bitcoin XBT is deployed on Bankor's innovative Multichain technology, uniquely designed for financial transactions, that is faster, more secure, reliable, and cost effective than any comparable Distributed Ledger Technology (or any traditional Centralized Data Network).


Through all-new technologies, the underlying protocol allows the integration of traditional banking and crypto transactions on a same platform at lightning speed, allowing for all- new applications and revenue streams. 

Unique Blockchain

State of the art blockchain synchronized from Ethereum and Bitcoin base code, remodified and complexed as a multi-chain; fully developed and released blockchain explorer for public and internal monitoring with proper protocol (No heavy mining required, any electronic device can become a mining node).

Unique Focus

The technology was specifically designed for transaction-based industries. Regarding the financial industry for instance, some of the features embedded in the technology are (among others):

Banking & Payment transactions: multiple accounts and currencies, both fiat (USD, EUR, CHF) & crypto (BITCOIN XBT, BTC, ETH, X-CHF, X-EUR, X-USD)

Unique Security

Quadruple-encrypted and scientifically based transactional database with secured database engine and other innovative solutions. The encryption methods make the multichain impossible to duplicate. 

Where is Bitcoin XBT listed?

Bankor 2.png
Bankor Platform:

Bitcoin XBT is completely integrated into traditional banking platform and digital assets ecosystem of Bankor. It has deep liquidity and instant settlement in Euro, USD, and CHF. The value of Bitcoin XBT always remains equal to the value of Bitcoin (BTC) as each Bitcoin XBT in circulation is backed up by one Bitcoin BTC, held in secure vault storage of Bankor.

What does Bitcoin XBT Offers:

Instant Transactions:

Bitcoin XBT transactions are confirmed instantly. This makes it much, much faster than Bitcoin BTC that can sometimes take days to arrive. Average time of processing a Bitcoin XBT transaction is below one second, while the older version of bitcoin can take minute, even hours.

No Transaction Cost:

Original Bitcoin has become more of a store of wealth. Bitcoin XBT is meant to be used as currency. Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is between $5-$8 and sometimes more than that. Transaction fee of Bitcoin XBT are free.

Fully Developed Ecosystem Connected to Bankor Financial Platform